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Our film collaboration with SubRosa Dance Collective and Dylan Wilbur premiered in November 2018 in Portland.  This short dance film is now making its way across the world. Upcoming screenings include InShadow, the Lisbon Screendance Festival, November 12-18, 2019 and VideoDanzaBA in Buenos Aires, December 4-7, 2019.

Open Modern Jazz
Mondays at BodyVox Dance Center

Extensively trained by master teacher, Tracey Durbin, Rachel Slater continues in the tradition of Luigi style movement. This soulful modern jazz class is open to all levels and helps to develop a strong technical foundation for every dancer. Focus is on lowering the center of gravity, syncopating movement and extending the line through a blend of latin, modern, ballet and jazz dance. This intense, lyrical class helps dancers connect to feeling and movement from the inside out. Join the fun! 


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Open Contemporary 
Wednesdays at BodyVox Dance Center

This ongoing contemporary dance class approaches technique from a place of curiosity, exploration and expansion. Waking up each part of the body, dancers will be lead through a warm up designed to create space and availability in the body. Drawing from Rachel's momentum-based style of movement, we will find fluid transitions in and out of the floor, explore new spatial pathways and dive into juicey, dynamic phrase work. Come sweat, fly and fall! 


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