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Lorazepam, Sweaty Palms and the Shakes was developed as a part of the New Expressive Works Residency program at Studio 2 in Portland, OR, USA from 2012-2013. It originally premiered with dancers Rachel Slater, Elizabeth Bressler, Erika Lachenmeier and Kristine Anderson. 

It was also presented at Pacific Dance Makers and Open Studio in Seattle. Additionally the Oregon Psychological Association commissioned performances and workshops as a part of their Art Therapy series.


Revive Me.  was created as a part of Muddy Feet Contemporary Dance's inaugural show "Side by Side" in November 2015. It was performed by dancers Anna Marra and Nicholas Petrich.  


Unfolding was directed by Dylan Wilbur and created as a collaboration between Muddy Feet Contemporary Dance and SubRosa Dance Collective, choreographed and performed by Rachel Slater, Suzanne Chi, Kailee McMurran and Lena Traenkenschuh. 


Unfolding screened at 29 festivals around the world including appearances in Argentina, Iran, Romania, France, Portugal, Greece, New York City's Lincoln Center and the American Dance Festival's Movies by Movers in North Carolina, USA. It is currently part of a dance film curriculum for public schools through Film-Art-Dance.

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